Base Commerce Technical Documentation

API & Software Development Kits

The Base Commerce API provides a number of functions detailed in this reference guide through the use of the JSON over SSL. There are numerous functions that pertain to credit card processing , ach processing, secured vault, and our push notifications platform that exist in the API. The Base Commerce SDKs are prebuilt libraries that fully implement our API in many popular native languages allowing you to simply drop the library in your application and start communicating with our platform.

The latest versions of the SDK can be downloaded directly from our website. Base Commerce releases one major SDK update per year which we require partners to update their libraries to and several minor updates throughout the course of the year which will be backwards compatible with the most current major release.

Base Commerce currently provides software development kits (SDKs) in JAVA, .NET (4 and 4.5), PHP, Ruby, PERL, and C. To download the latest version of the SDKs please log into either your production or sandbox virtual terminal and click on the Developer tab.