Base Commerce Technical Documentation

Push Notifications Platform

One of the most complicated pieces of integrating with a payment platform is keeping your data in sync with the platforms data. With data changing several times throughout the day as ACH returns are processed, ACH & Credit Card batches are settled, recurring transactions being processed, and chargebacks being initiated, data becomes stale very quickly. This also creates a significant burden when trying to provide your customers with up to date reporting and funding reports. The Base Commerce Push platform alleviates this issue without you having to make continuous requests to the platform querying data for updates.

The BaseCommerce PUSH Platform works by sending real time notifications to your servers as data is updated in our system. By providing a PUSH notification URL in the BaseCommerce PARTNER or MERCHANT portal and using the BaseCommerceSDK your data will always be in sync.


The PUSH platform will send a https form post to the url that you provide containing an encrypted data stream with the PUSH Notification. Using the BaseCommerceSDK the data can be decrypted and easily accessed. Below is an example of the process of decrypting the payload of the post.

BaseCommerceClient o_client = new BaseCommerceClient( "username", "password", "key");
BaseCommercePushNotification o_push = o_client.getPushNotification( encrypted data );
If ( o_push.isType( XS_PN_TYPE_ACH_CHANGE ) ) {
// process ach return push notification
} else if ( o_push.isType( XS_PN_TYPE_SETTLEMENT_BATCH_CHANGE ) ) {
// process settlement batch

Types Of Push Notifications Supported

ACH Return
Credit Card Chargeback
Recurring Transaction Processed/Failed
Merchant Batch Settlement